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I accept QSL either direct or via the Bureau. If you need QSL direct, please send me S.A.E. (Self Addressed Envelope) and sufficient return postage:

Europe - 1 Euro, 1 IRC or 2 USD (price to EU is 1 Euro/1,3 USD)

Outside of Europe -1 Euro, 1 IRC or 2 USD

If you send QSL direct without sufficient return postage, I will send QSL via the Bureau.



 Online log OK6DJ



Online log OK1FJD









Pay paypal minimum 3 Usd or

2 Euro return direct

please send e-mail other information




Dolni Kamenice 55

34562 Holysov

Czech Republic


+420 603  956795

+420 379  491901

e-mail: antsat@atlas.cz



 EPC # 9051





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(NW0W Tim Havens, 9. 6. 2014 14:36)

Do you manage QSLs for C31HK?

11/17/2001 @ 16:24 I worked C31HK SSB on 50.204 Mhz as N1RZ. I've been trying to get a QSL from him since. I saw on qrz.com that his page is now managed by you and was wondering if you are a QSL manager for him?

73, Tim Havens now NW0W (ex. N1RZ)

Re: C31HK

(email, 9. 6. 2014 14:39)

timhavens @ gmail . com